Do You Dread Changing Your Active Toddler's Diaper?

Hate diaper changes and potty trips for your toddler? You need toddler diapers.

Getting an active toddler to slow down for a lay-down diaper change is a challenge at best. But that's how most diapers are designed to go on, and that's how you've been changing diapers since your little one was born.

If you hate changing diapers, though, it's a strong signal that your diapers are working against you, and that's why diaper changes are so frustrating.

If your baby has grown into a toddler, then it's time to replace the baby diapers you are using with a diaper designed especially for their current stage of development. Diaper changes and potty trips do not have to inspire dread. Thankfully there is another way to diaper your toddler. One that gives you control over how you change diapers, and makes the whole task easier on you and happier for your child.

Antsy Pants™ are cloth diapers, optimized for toddlersFor Guaranteed Happier Diaper Changes, Put Your Child In Toddler Diapers

If you're new to, you may not have been aware that there even is such a thing as a toddler diaper. After all, when my first child was a toddler, they didn't exist. I know, because I looked high and low.
Antsy Pants™ Mama Renee Tice with the toddler who inspired Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth DiapersSince my dream toddler diaper was nowhere to be found, I designed it myself. Did I mention my background is in Apparel Design?
I spent years managing innovation projects for the biggest global name in the sportswear industry. I was paid a very good salary to research and solve problems, creating apparel that truly was technical gear.
That experience makes me notoriously demanding when it comes to any kind of clothing, but especially performance apparel.
Everything I know about textiles and apparel went into the development this toddler diapering and potty training solution.

Introducing The Only True Toddler Diaper;
Antsy Pants™ Pull-Up Cloth Diapers

Antsy Pants™ Are True Toddler Diapers

Why are Antsy Pants™ so perfect for active toddlers and big kids? Because they...

...contain messes like any diaper should (but not all manage).
...go on and off easily, whether over the feet or with sides open.
...are super cute, in fun, vibrant colors.
...make potty trips and changes easy, with easy-stretch sides.
...teach potty skills essential to potty independence, for easier potty training success.
...have the only risk-free money-back cloth diaper guarantee. Right here on!

And of course all of the other benefits that are inherent to cloth diapering. Better for your child and better for the environment.

In case you're wondering how Antsy Pants™ helps teach potty skills, it's a little something I like to call Wetting Feedback™. So just what is Wetting Feedback™? It's the immediate wet feeling that helped our mothers and grandmothers potty train their children early using cotton diapers, coupled with cushy, comfortable natural fabric next to your child's skin.

What Antsy Pants™ really provide is a top-quality convenient, comfortable, leak-resistant reusable pull-up toddler diaper that has the added benefit of helping your child learn when it's time to go potty, without stressful accidents.

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