Thanks For Changing Diapers For Good

Thanks For Changing Diapers For Good

Two reasons for posting today; a special offer for Antsy Pants™ families both long-time and new, and an update on current and upcoming stock to help you plan your Antsy Pants™ stash.

First order of business, if you are doing your shopping this Thanksgiving week, you can use code THANKS20 to get $20 off your purchase of at least $100. The offer is good through the end of November. Enjoy your holiday weekend, and then get your Antsy Pants™ order in here at

And now for the inventory updates:

We have loads of size S and closeout 6-12mos/1T sized Antsy Pants™ for your littlest ones in a wide assortment of colors. This is your starting place if your child is under 30lbs (under 22lbs for the 6-12mos synthetic version).

In size M, for kiddos apx. 30-50lbs, we have plenty of stock, but the color assortment is a bit limited for the next few weeks. There is currently good availability in Deep Blue, Fall Green, Periwinkle, Orange, Rose and Black. Next to arrive will be Bright Green, Aqua Blue and Red, available in a few weeks. These can be pre-ordered to reserve the first of the production run once those are in. Payment details are required when placing your order, but the payment will only be processed when your order is ready to ship.

There is a good assortment of colors of size L covers in stock for bigger kids apx. 45-60lbs, but we are temporarily out of stock in absorbent cores to pair with those. The issue will be resolved in the next few weeks, though, so I have modified the size L items to allow backorders. Please understand, if you place an order containing any size L Antsy Pants™, your order either ship in two parts, with any other-sized diapers shipping first, or else the whole order will ship once the size L absorbent cores are once again available, if there are no other sizes of Antsy Pants™ in the order.

If you are not quite ready to place an order, but you want to get in on the THANKS20 offer while it's still on (it's a very good deal, especially when combined with the BYOB volume discount), you can save on your future Antsy Pants™ stash by purchasing one or more gift certificates for at least $100 with the THANKS20 shopping cart code before Wednesday night.

However you want to do this, I hope you will take advantage of the offer to build out your Antsy Pants™ stash very soon and make a diaper change for the better.

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